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Luna, her reviews are for excellent pages

Artemis, her reviews are for bad pages

Diana, her reviews are for original pages like The Sailormoon Transparent GIF Gift Shop

Meet your three kawaii cats! Note: dont even think about asking us for our identies! Only the three of us know, so HA! ^_^


Page designed by Luna, edited by Luna

Review #1, SM Zone

Owner: Apatt

Nominated by: Luna


Good Points:

WONDERFUL Graphics, espesially the backgrounds and logos

Subpages of subpages, of subpages!

Great info, with thought to match

Original features

Webmaster is kind

Webmaster has an "SM Toolbox" which offers free background graphics of the same quality of his own, plus lines, tips, and more

Banner Advertizing page

Fresh, Professional layout

Rei and Usagi Frendship Page (recomended)

One of the best SM sites on the net

Bad Points:

Doesent update as much as i would like, but we can overlook that ne? ^_^



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 Some graphics from The Complete Artemis Shrine, Pictures of the Cats, The Kawaii Cats Shrine (some info came from here also)

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