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Luna, her reviews are for excellent pages

Artemis, her reviews are for bad pages

Diana, her reviews are for original pages like The Sailormoon Transparent GIF Gift Shop

Meet your three kawaii cats! Note: dont even think about asking us for our identies! Only the three of us know, so HA! ^_^

Page designed by Luna

We are 3 girls, who host other Sailormoon pages, who felt it was time for another brave group to get bad SM pages OFF of the net! Please do not flame us.

We know our graphics are bad, but we do not have the money to buy good Paint programs. Luna downloaded the trial of PSP, and sadly, it expired before the start of this page. If you would be so kind as to help us with graphics, please email us and we will talk with you.


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 Some graphics from The Complete Artemis Shrine, Pictures of the Cats, The Kawaii Cats Shrine (some info came from here also)

This page was started on April 10, 1998. Please see our Disclaimer.