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Diana, her reviews are for original pages like The Sailormoon Transparent GIF Gift Shop

Meet your three kawaii cats! Note: dont even think about asking us for our identies! Only the three of us know, so HA! ^_^

Page designed by Luna, edited by Luna, Artemis, Diana


Welcome to *our* page! Say hello to the crazy webmistresses! (these profiles were written by the respective cat)

Luna is a crazy girl who is ALWAYS online. She has a happy-go-lucky personality but can be mean and strong when she has to be. Luna is the webpage designer. <round of applause> Her favourite things are anime (espesially Sailormoon, Mamono Hunter Yohko, Rayearth and other shoujo series), guys, and being rebellious. As the webmistress of two other sites, she is a good HTML artist and loves to browse through the net.

Diana is a girl with very diverse tastes. Her favorite things are the computer, mythology, music, acting nekos, and, of course, anime. She's usually quite friendly and willing to listen to anything, just don't catch her on a bad day.

Artemis, who likes to be called Arty for short is much like Luna. She's a silly one who practically LIVES in cyberspace. This Sailor Moon junkie has 3 pages scattered around the internet. This easy going and always happy cat can become very mean if forced to be. Arty enjoys music, (especailly the Backstreet Boys and Savage Garden), spending time with her friends on and off ICQ and just being in the company of that special guy. (He knows who he is) She's always there to listen and to give advice. Unless you tick her off, then head for the hills! ^_^


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 Some graphics from The Complete Artemis Shrine, Pictures of the Cats, The Kawaii Cats Shrine (some info came from here also)

This page was started on April 10, 1998. Please see our Disclaimer.