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Luna, her reviews are for excellent pages

Artemis, her reviews are for bad pages

Diana, her reviews are for original pages like The Sailormoon Transparent GIF Gift Shop

Meet your three kawaii cats! Note: dont even think about asking us for our identies! Only the three of us know, so HA! ^_^

Page designed by Luna

Links to Other Pages Like Ours

Amazoness Quartet: Cere, Jun, Para, and Ves The ORIGINAL SM Webpage Reviewing system. Also the best!

M Squad: Minako, Mars, Mercury, Makoto, Mamoru, and Michiru Another system. This one has nice graphics and 6 members

Fifth Witch: Pikurl and Cyprine Another good one. Fairly new, but older then ours ^_^

Needleleaf Society: Animamates This is Luna's favorite! It has the best layout, best graphics, and very thorough reviews. It has a pie-throwing system and Needletorials, or articles on things that have to do with the Net and SM pages.

and last but not least,

Sailormoon Best Of Web: Outer Senshi Instead of focusing on bad pages, they only review good ones. This one isnt the best because they only update once every two months or so, but they highlight good pages.



Moon-neko's Webpage Reviewing!

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 Some graphics from The Complete Artemis Shrine, Pictures of the Cats, The Kawaii Cats Shrine (some info came from here also)

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