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Page designed by Luna, edited by Luna

Review #2, Everchaging Sailormoon Gateway

Owner: Janelle

Nominated by: Diana


Good Points:

Easy to navigate

Very good and tons of info about the DiC and JP versions

Webmistress had seen BSSM and read the manga, so she knows what she's talking about

Nice Background

Thorough and Interesting Mythology

Guide to Fansubs

Episode Summaries with screen captures (as far as i know, they are not copied off of Doi's, well the 200th anyway, thats all i looked at ^^;;)

Cool Useless facts to waste a few minutes on

Lyrics Galore!!! Has lots of original and dubbed songs, some translated, some romanized

Awesome refrence on every single sailor senshi mentioned in the Manga and Anime, with small profile

Bad Points:

Is closing down due to copy-cats and thieves


Has an anti-senshi page (ok, Merc-san isnt exactly my FAVEOURITE...but....^_^)

Sub pages are kind of dull-looking, black text on white BG with no images



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