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Meet your three kawaii cats! Note: dont even think about asking us for our identies! Only the three of us know, so HA! ^_^

Page designed by Luna

Have you ever gone to a Sailormoon webpage and thought, "This is the best website I've ever been to! Look at these graphics!" And then you go to the only page there, Info. You see a menu, with the Inner senshi. You choose Minako. This is what you see.




Fave Gem: Topaz

Scout: Venus


Doesn't this just steam you up? You go back to the main page, and realize there is no links! You, furious, go to your bookmarks in hope of going to a good page that will help you get rid of this horrible place. As you run over your trusty Bookmarks, you see a webpage reviewer. A lightbulb lights up over your head. And you now realize, we can help......

Moon-neko's Webpage Reviewing!

We're here to help!

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 Some graphics from The Complete Artemis Shrine, Pictures of the Cats, The Kawaii Cats Shrine (some info came from here also)

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